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Adminstration: Oversees operation and management of North Animas Village, including website; Board positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Member-at-Large.

Fundraising: Develops fundraising strategies and events; researches available grants and donation possibilities.

Marketing and Outreach Committee: Designs and implements publicity for North Animas Village. Researches, writes, proofreads and publishes the monthly newsletter.

Membership Committee: Recruits, enrolls, and orients new members; maintains and updates membership list; acts as liaison between members and Board of Directors.

Professional Services Committee: Develops and maintains professional vendor lists, including vetted providers, non-vetted/recommended providers, and healthcare providers; arranges vendor discounts; follows up on vendor satisfaction.

Social Committee: Plans and schedules events, including educational programs and presentations, social gatherings, and fitness activities; maintains monthly events calendar.

Volunteer Services Committee: Determines member needs; recruits, vets, and trains volunteers; oversees coordination of member needs with volunteer availability.