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Who We Are

North Animas Village

We are......  a non-profit organization offering members information and services so that you can remain in your own home as you age! Today there are over 300 Villages in the United States and foreign countries and about 150 in development. Their main purpose is to enable people to age in place as well as they can, for as long as they can, for as little cost as possible.

Our purpose is to..... encourage you to participate in social activities, help your neighbors and let them help you, enjoy recommended service providers.

Advantages of the village include:

·        Improvement of health, life satisfaction and self-esteem

·        Cost-effectiveness as compared to institutional care

·        Reduction of isolation

·        Efficiency: no duplication of community services

·        Personal input on services to be offered

·        No age restrictions

·        Less burden on family

·        Opportunities to socialize, contribute, and receive help as needed

·        Educational gatherings

·        Preferred contractor pricing

·        Community enrichment

Why?..... Because participating in a community will improve your health, shorten care in an institution, place less of a burden on your family, provide you with fun activities, offer you some help when you need it, and also give you a chance to help your neighbors.

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