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About Volunteer Services


Volunteering with North Animas Village is different from other non-profits because it is completely flexible!

As a volunteer, you can set your own schedule as your time permits, and you can change the hours you volunteer if your schedule changes.  

Volunteer roles supporting members

It is up to you what role you would like to take in the organization. You can specialize in providing transportation to members or you might want to provide the full range of services. You can also help with administrative tasks.  You can decide how many hours you want to donate as you go into the on-line system and select volunteer opportunities.

Transportation: Not being able to drive is such a limitation on a person’s well-being and engagement in the community. By offering rides, we are able to make a difference. North Animas Village needs volunteers to take members to medical appointments, to the hair salon, grocery shopping or to the gym for example. Members are expected to be able to get in and out of a car with only moderate assistance. If you want to be a volunteer driver, there is an additional form to verify your driving record and your insurance.

Home Maintenance: Some tasks around home are difficult to do by oneself or as one ages. Volunteers would be asked to do minor home maintenance such as changing light bulbs, testing smoke detectors, sweeping walks or patios, raking leaves, or plant maintenance. Volunteers are not expected to do heavy house cleaning or any service which requires a license, such as plumbing and wiring. We will have vendors do that kind of work. However, if you do have a license and would like to volunteer the Village would be glad to have you.

Technological Assistance: Older persons can find using computers and smart phones challenging, but a little help by answering questions can make such a difference.

Personal Support: Staying in touch with others keeps our members involved in the community. The Village needs volunteers to do a phone check on members either weekly or daily. We also need someone to visit shut in members or take a walk with a member. Volunteers can provide light household help such as running errands or taking out the trash.

Pet Care: Providing moderate pet care such as dog walking.


Volunteer roles supporting village operations

Administrative Tasks: Our village also requires individuals who can perform tasks by working on one of our support teams.


Tasks/Services We Cannot Provide

·        Anything requiring a license other than for driving, such as plumbing or electrical work

·        Any handyman chore that takes more than about 2 hours

·        Anything that involves personal or medical care, such as bathing, dressing or feeding, or giving medications

·        Anything requiring a fiduciary relationship, such as writing checks

·        We cannot move you into or out of a wheelchair or from your bed into a wheelchair 


Click here to complete an online application to become a Volunteer